© Familie Hauser-Kröll
© Familie Hauser-Kröll
© Familie Hauser-Kröll

Mountain biking

Discovering the Zillertal valley on your bicycle.

The Zillertal is a widely known holiday destination among cyclists, as there are a large number of highly recommendable trails. More than 800 km, to be precise, both for cyclists and mountain bikers, are available. There is something for every taste, from families to beginners and experts, from the cycling paths along the valley bottom to the challenging trails in the mountains of the Zillertal valley.
Tackle your personal challenge with the mountain bike in front of the amazing natural scenery of the Zillertal Alps and stop at one of the cosy mountain huts for enjoying the sun and refreshment.

Bike Rental

We are proud to offer our guests first-class mountain and trekking bikes for rent right at the hotel. All bikes can be locked and you get a helmet free of charge. Each bike is insured against accidents of every kind, though not against (willful) damage or theft


  • Half-day: € 8
  • Full-day: € 12

Rental conditions

Bike Rentals

The following conditions apply to bike rentals

I. The rentor rents out the stipulated vehicle/vehicles for the stated time period.
II. In order to conclude the rental agreement, the rentee must provide a cash security deposit of € 20 per vehicle as well as a copy of their photo ID; this does not apply to guests of the hotel.
III. The rentee is required to return the rental item/items at the stipulated point in time, in so far as no other arrangements have been stipulated.
IV. Alterations to the rental item/items by the rentee are not permissible.
V. The rentor provides the rentee with a vehicle in a condition that meets Austrian rules of the road (STVO). Important: Mountain bikes are not equipped with lights, something which the STVO requires for operation of a vehicle at dusk or after darkness - the rentee is expressly aware of this fact and operates mountain bikes during such conditions at his/her own risk! The STVO does not require a helmet for cyclists; however, we strongly recommend use of a helmet when using our bicycles in traffic. Upon request, we will provide one helmet per bike free of charge.
VI. Any legal consequences that may result from the use of the rented vehicle(s) in traffic, shall be borne by the rentee alone; in such an instance, the rentee shall indemnify the rentor.
VII. Liability on the part of the rentor is expressly excluded with respect to technical defects (e.g. flat tires, non-functioning lights), as are any other claims by the rentee with regards to defects. The rentee shall remedy any defects on his/her own.
VIII. In the event that, due to a defect, the rental item(s) is/are no longer rideable (e.g. defective rim), the rentee agrees to have the item(s) picked up by a haulage company or to return it personally to the rentor.
IX. In the event of a serious defect that is not the consequence of improper operation of the vehicle by the rentee (e.g. instances of force majeure), the rentee is required to notify the rentor immediately by calling Tel. +43 5283 2265 between 8am and 10pm.
X. The rentor will make every effort to provide a replacement vehicle.
XI. The stipulated rental charge will be calculated against the original security deposit of € 20 at the end of the rental period. Hotel guests will be billed directly for the rental charges.
XII. In the event that the vehicle fails to perform as expected, the rentee is required to do everything reasonable to alleviate the problem and keep potential damage to a minimum, or to avoid such damage altogether.
XIII. The rentee is liable in full for theft or loss of the rental vehicle(s); in order to avoid such circumstances, all vehicles are equipped with a lock.

Mountainbike Offers

Zum Pinzger

Dear guests,

so that we can start fully motivated into the winter season, we currently have company holidays.
We are back from 13.12.2018

Of course you can reach us by e-mail or telephone.
Our office hours in the mid season are: MO-FR 9:00 -13: 00

We look forward to welcoming you in winter and wish you a nice time.

Family Hauser-Kröll
and the Pinzger team

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